Extract GPS data from a video
This tool will extract any GPS data from a video and populate a set of variables used by jAlbum for location information.

It will also create a custom variable for a Google map link as well as putting that link on the clipboard, so you can paste the link into a comment for visitors to click on.
Running the tool
Select the video of interest in jAlbum's explore window and then select the tool 'Create Gmap link for video' and when you see the above dialog click ok. Do not run the tool in edit mode!
Status whilst running
When running the window's status bar will show the file being processed
Result dialogue
When the tool has found gps data you will see the above message, showing the gps coordinates found. If there is no gps data you will see a 'No gps data to extract' message.
Script completed
When the script has finished, just after the dialogue previously shown, the window's status bar will show the script has finished.
Variables created
If gps data has been extracted then the clipboard will have a link that can be pasted into a browser to invoke a Google map, showing where the video was made.

You can see the variables created by entering edit mode of the selected video and looking at the 'Uder variables'