Metadata Converter
A tool to apply any valid metadata to jAlbum common variables, such as Title, Comment, Keywords etc.

The tool comes in two versions, a Groovy and a Bash. The Groovy requires at least jAlbum 22 and groovy-swing-3.0.0-alpha-3.jar, available at It should be added to the 'ext' folder of jAlbum's configuration folder.

The advantage of the Groovy version is that the source metadata can be copied from an image and pasted into the tool, a field at a time. The bash version needs a good memory or a note making of all of the sources to be used. Use jAlbum's built in 'List metadata' contextual menu on any image containing the source data.
Bash interface
Groovy interface
Sampe metadata
Copy the lefthand part of the displayed metadata, up to but not including the '=' sign. For example 'xmp.acdsee:keywords[1]' to use ACDSee keywords. Keywords can have multiple entries, as shown, it doesn't matter which one you select, you can even just select 'xmp.acdsee:keywords'.
Sample settings
The 'Target' column lists all of the jAlbum datasets support by the tool. The 'Source' column is where you enter the metadata tags to be applied to the targets. The 'Append' column gives you the option of appending the source metadata, instead of replacing any existing data. If the source has no data, or the data already exists in the target, then no action is taken for that object.

The targets are as shown and cover all of the commonly used metadata. The tool can be easily modified to add more fields if need, the code is well documented.

Fill in as many of the source fields you want to use and, for those rows that have them, decide if you want to replace or append to any existing data.

When you have applied all of the required settings click the 'OK/Submit' button to process all of the objects in the project. You will be informed when the tool has finished processing the project's images.