Journal is a skin designed for both images and the written word. This manual also serves as part of the skin's sample album. The skin uses a 'single page' layout, but without a 'lightbox' which is common to most such layouts. The skin requires jAlbum 24 or later, it does not support widgets. Since the skin is designed to make journals, manuals and blogs etc, jAlbum's chained directories (Settings/Advanced / General) will be set as rquired for certain project structures. If the setting is changed it will be reset after building the album.

With chained directories manually set you can set navigation links to use 'titles' (Settings / Journal /Texts / Folders 6 Templates /Show titles), users then see the previous/next 'topic' rather than just 'previous page and 'next page'. If you prefer writing content in an external editor and then pasting it into jAlbum's description or comment fields then 'newline' is converted to a break tag.

Finally, the about page is made using the 'float left' override, on its folder - entered in 'Edit' mode. The image is added to the 'About' folder and the 'About' text is the image's comment text.
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