Titles, Descriptions & Navigation settings
If a project has no folders then the landing and index(toc) pages are automatically bypassed, regardless of the settings for those pages.

If a project has folders then files in the root folder are not supported and you will be asked if you want to continue with the root files excluded or abort the build.
Landing Page
The default, for projects with folders, is to create a landing page at the root of the journal, uncheck 'create landing page' to bypass it. If included it can display a theme image, the album title and description, the default is for just the album title to be shown. It has an 'Open' link that leads to the journal's index page, and an option to display a credit link for jAlbum.

Note, if the landing page is disabled then the INDEX/TOC will have the album title and description selected. Re-enabling the landing page will not affect the INDEX/TOC settings.
Journal's landing page
Index (TOC)
The index, or table of contents (TOC) page is the means of navigating to specific pages within the journal. The default is for the album title and description to be shown.
Journal's index page
Folder and template pages can show the album title and page (or folder) title, the default is for the page title only.

Navigation links refer to the 'Previous', 'Index' and 'Next' page links at the top
and bottom of the page. When 'Chain directories' is set in Settings/Advanced/General 'Show Titles' can be turned on or off. If chaining is set as needed by the skin then show titles is disabled.

If a project has folders with subfolders then the 'Show titles' option is disabled and navigation is shown as previous and next.
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