Apply crop focus
A tool to apply the crop focus position of the selected image to other folders. The crop focus can be applied to flagged folders or folders with a named user variable and value.
Before running the tool select the image that is used as the theme image which has the crop focus position you want to apply to other folders theme images. When the tool is run the above window will be shown. You select the criteria for appling the selected images crop focus. If you select 'cfsync user var' then you need to enter the variable's value in the text field 'Enter user variable cfsync text'. below the drop down menu. The selected image would need to have such a variable and matching value text, entered in edit mode in the 'Variables pane'. The variable name must be cfsync but it's value can be whatever you want to use. For example the variable name would be cfsync and it's value could be 'top', 'middle' or 'bottom'. Each folder that you want to have the crop focus applied to will need to have the same variable and value entered in edit mode

If you don't want to use the variable method then click on the drop down menu and select a 'flag' method (see below). Flag choices are those built into jAlbum, selected by the contextual menu in explore view.

You can apply the crop focus to the root folder by checking the box 'to root folder?'. Once you have it set as desired click the 'OK' button to apply the donor's crop focus to those folders meeting the criteria.
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