Copy template data to another project
Lets you reuse template information entered in one project in another. Will copy data from the selected templates in the folder displayed in jAlbum's explore view.
Start dialogue
Before running the tool ensure that you have selected the templates you want to use as the donor data.

When the tool is run you will be asked to select the directory that has the template you want to have the data applied to. Click the 'Select recipient project directory' button and navigate to the directory. The file navigation window will start at the 'My Albums' directory. Once the diectory has been selected the path, below the button, will be updated to confirm the directory chosen. Note:
If the new template is within your project then pick the directory there.

If you are creating a new project and select 'Link' then select the new project's root folder - within my albums.

If the template is within a 'linked folder' then pick that directory - the folder that is outside of your project.

When happy click the 'OK' button to copy the template(s) data to the recipient project's template(s).

An alternative method, if you are unsure of where the directory is located is to create the template in the other project first. Then copy the address shown in jAlbum's address bar, just below the toolbar. Now open the donor project and select the donor template(s), then run the tool. Next paste the address into the field below the 'Select recipient project directory' button, then click OK to run the tool.
Script finished dialogue
When the script has finished running you will see the above message window.

You can now switch to the recipient project's folder and, if the templates already exist, confirm the data has been copied. If the templates have not yet been added then just add them now, the data will automatically appear.
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